Warning – Be Aware of Employment / Job Seeker Related Scams

Currax Pharmaceuticals LLC (“Currax”) has become aware that there are certain employment related scams that are being orchestrated which make false use of an actual company’s name (and/or the name or names of some of their associates) in an attempt to defraud job seekers.  Pursuant to these scams, the names of actual companies (and/or their associates) are fraudulently invoked by people or entities that are not affiliated with them or authorized to act on their behalf. The people or entities that orchestrate these scams try to appear as the involved company (or a person associated with it), and they then contact unsuspecting job seekers in an attempt to obtain money and/or personal information. In some instances, unsuspecting job seekers have reported receiving unsolicited contacts by phone, email or text from individual(s) purporting to be, or to represent, the involved company (or an associate of it).

Please be advised that Currax does not extend unsolicited employment offers, and it does not make such employment offers without first conducting a formal interview process. Please note also that all of Currax’s postings for open positions with us are located on our official website:, and those positions can be searched and applied to there by navigating to the “Careers” section of the site and by then clicking on the “Search Jobs” tab under that. Please note further that Currax does not charge any sort of fees, or collect any sort of a security deposit, from prospective employees during the recruitment process. Additionally, no one from Currax, and no one that is authorized to act on Currax’s behalf, will ever ask for money for any reason as part of our recruitment process; nor will they contact job seekers by e-mail or telephone in order to gather personal information – the necessary information is collected securely as part of the formal application process. If you experience, or suspect, this sort of behavior in connection with a posting that is being represented as involving a Currax position, you may report that to us via [email protected].

If you feel that you may have been defrauded in some way by this sort of conduct, or that you may have been a victim of identity theft, please contact your local law enforcement authorities for guidance.